Chosen One First Breaths-Behind The Scenes

31 Oct

Chosen One First Breaths-Behind The Scenes

Chosen One at conception was fascinating. Two life long friend’s exploring a unfamiliar, breathtaking and treacherous land they forged. They both left everything that was comfortable, familiar and they could count on behind. Sir Brent and Sir Stephen felt a heart and mind call to find The Promise Land, where they could live a full and complete life. Then Kelcey became crystal clear to me, with strong leadership skills, amazing heart, keen mind and gifts beyond imagination. She was a match beyond their comprehension and yet a match for both of their lives. They battle with dangerous creatures that inhabit the land which take a physical toll on them. They struggle with Darkness and Light as it seeks for them and for all they are for their own unique purposes. Just one moment taken hastily, one path taken intentionally for darkness or light would cost them everything they gave up to find here.
I believe we see the reality of the one moment and the one chance. To get it right or wrong in an instant. Do we embrace the faith, belief, understanding that got us here or do we simply discard it. This is the heartbeat, soul, breath of Chosen One. I felt at home and at times uncomfortable writing the words, thoughts that crossed my heart and mind. I hope we all see a bit clearer as we approach our moments, take a step back if needed to thrive and live our lives with no regrets. I enthusiastically give you my heart, mind and soul, I give you Chosen One.

Chosen One Rembrandt

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