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We love to go to the book store as a family. I watched as everyone set off to find a book to check out. I watched my daughter approach the YA section. She was the maybe fifteen minutes browsing and left sad. I waited a bit, checked it out and I knew why. I figured she most likely was not the only one. It seems to me, the book business for young adults, is probably missing out on twenty percent of the business. At that moment, I set off to write a novel for all young adults. 

YA 100% Approved

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Page by Page, I pen Chosen One For You

Come by the campfire, I have a story to share to you, set in Scotland’s Awakening.

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La La Land 

Chosen One-go Hope & Creativity Pen For You! #LALALAND #EmmaStone #ryangosling #GoldenGlobes  #Hollywood #LionsGate

Emma Stone Golden Globes
I love how eloquent she stated that it’s for all the dreamers, that keep hope and creativity alive. 

Dedicated to all of you that get up and keep going.

#Dreamers #Creativity #Hope #EmmaStone #RyanGosling #LaLaLand #LionsGate 

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It reminds me…

It reminds me of great stories told by friends around campfire light.

You just settle into the story like your favorite chair where snuggle into read. I’m not sure if it’s a gift or just his easy going manor. You feel like you belong and your not counting on leaving any time soon.

Scotland Great Awakening

Chronicle I

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Come on jump in and get woken wet and you will see clearly…

Now… You’re ready to get your personal copy of Chosen One to treasure…

Personal Note

I hope you see Sir Brent, Sir Stephen and Kelcey rejoice and struggle on life’s path, just like you and me. 

Listen as Britt shares right from her heart.

Britt Nicole-I didn’t know love, but I do now… 

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Friends Are Friends Forever

I started thinking about my friends who have been there for me. I have to ask myself have I been there for them. I’m not sure I can totally answer that right now. Life road is long and winding. I would hope I could say yes, but then again, I’m not in there shoes. I think they would say the same thing. It seems like everyone has there own lives to balance on top of it all.

Switchfoot Live It Well
This song hits home for me. This is where I want to be. So, as I move forward in 2017, I’m putting it on my mirrors, on my dashboard and on my iPhone. Kinda the idea, to live life on purpose. I’ve heard people say be present, I love that too.

Be genuine, be you, but take you out of the equation at all possible!

Chosen One

Sir Brent Sir Steven & Kelcey Live It Well

I waaant! >

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Steve 🙃

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C1 Read 1-56 Free Look And See Be Amazed


C1 Free Read 

Steve Releases 56 Pages So You Can Take In His Amazing Adventure! Just Find Your Reading Nook, Fav Drink & Take It All In.

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Q&A With Steve


BookLaunch C1 

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Steven Sutherland Chosen One A+



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